About us

SAQS Healthcare services ltd

Company Profile

SAQS is a Pharmaceutical and healthcare Company committed to providing quality health services responsive to the needs of proper living and to people within and outside Ghana.

Headquartered in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Kumasi- Patasi Block House to be precise.

SAQS commenced its operation in the health sector over twenty (20) years ago.

Over the years, as part of pursuing its commitment to clients, SAQS has made constant growth within the health sector to match the health needs of its clients


To provide quality Health services Responsive to the needs of proper living in Ghana and beyond by implementing approved health sector policies, preventive Healthcare and increase access to priority Health Services.


To provide Acceptable Healthcare delivery system where all have equal access to quality and efficient Healthcare

To manage the Resources available for the provision of Health Services prudently

To liaise with other Medical and paramedical professionals in the diaspora through Tele Medicine

To ensure, through continuous education that the core values of the Ghana Health Services

Core Values

At SAQS, we are one big family where the following values are practiced and adhered by all members.

People Centeredness


Team Work





Our Corporate Social Responsibilities(CSR)

CSR of SAQS does not only consider their profitability and growth but also the interests of the society and the environment by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on employees, customers, suppliers, etc. Logo, Pictures, videos, and events will be added.